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Creating Your Own Fishing T-Shirt Design

Creating Your Own Custom funny t shirts design

size_matters_funny_fishing_design_tshirt-r15136e67857547808f7c5192c89a7029_804gy_324One of the most popular past time in the United States is fishing. It is known as a bonding activity between Father and Son where they go across the country to be able to catch fish. It is not just a prominent recreational activity but is considered as a sport too. Angling enthusiasts even design their own angling t-shirts to show the amount they cherish the sport. In fact, there are some angling enthusiasts who have seen the cash making potential in designing angling t-shirts and have made it their business, offering shirts with interesting angling themed designs. You too can design your own angling t-shirt too and here are a few things to help you do just that.

Purchasing Supplies

You will require a plain shirt and some iron on designs. Craft stores are the best places to discover materials you can use to design your own shirt. Iron on designs are anything but difficult to chip away at a shirt and there are a lot of designs to browse, from mainstream angling quotes to angling pictures and a lot more. Iron on designs are called thus in light of the fact that you utilize an iron and its heat is what transfers the design onto the shirt.

Be Creative

id_rather_be_fishing_funny_fishing_tshirt-r5690e889cd3c4e2a94dd8653af6c34cb_va6lr_324Since you have your materials, you should do nothing more than make sense of what you want to show up on your shirt. This is the place you get creative. Pick astute angling truisms or quotes and match it with appropriate pictures. You can likewise just pick funny angling themed pictures. Angling plays on words are prevalent among angling enthusiasts, you can consider that too.

When you have cut out your designs and when you are content with where your designs will show up on the shirt, you can start pressing them on. You ought to heat your iron, and when it is sufficiently hot, just iron the designs on the shirt, similar to you would press a normal shirt except this time you give careful consideration on where the designs are. If the paper peels off the design effectively without smearing or moving the design then it implies that the design has been effectively transferred to the shirt appropriately and you can peel off the rest of the paper. If there is smirching or the design moves, don’t stress, just put the paper down and iron it some more and maybe apply more weight and heat to make the transfer fruitful. The designs will take about 30 seconds to a minute to completely transfer to the shirt, if the right amount of weight and heat is connected.

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Make and Sell Customized T-Shirts Online! 

How-to-Make-and-Sell-Customized-T-Shirts-OnlineIts a changing world out there and innovation is the drive! Lets take a typical example of product selling or marketing online. We have and continue to see the era of virtual stores and businesses running online…e-commerce! E-commerce continues to grow and evolve beautifully. If you asked me some time back how to go about selling t-shirts online, I would say, ‘Create an account on facebook, instagram, olx or maybe open your own custom store shop etc., take pictures, pictures and more pictures of your merchandise, post and sell, sell, sell! I mean Snoopy, E!Online have done it! Or better yet, register your online store on (the likes of ) shopify.com and take advantage of existing shopper traffic!

But now, technology has done it again. E-commerce is simplified even further!

As the seller, one can now sell high-quality customized t-shirts at zero upfront cost, zero hassle and zero risk!

A perfect example is with Teespring.com. Here is how it works…

1. Launch a campaign: Use Teespring Online Designer to create the artwork. Teespring provides the option of working with your own design or using their library of over 10,000 pieces of existing designs

2. Set your goal: This is the number of t-shirts or sweatshirts you plan to sell. Once this target is hit, the t-shirts and sweatshirts are printed.

3. Title and description to explain your campaign: Explainyour campaign or cause, or send a message as to the campaign purpose. For example, ‘In Memory of the 147 students who lost their lives in the Garrissa University Massacre in Kenya on the 2nd of April, 2015. Say No To Terrorism’.


4. Share and spread the word: This is to share campaign with supporters who will then go ahead to pre-order to achieve your set target. There is no financial risk in a buyer placing a pre-order as they will only be charged if the target is achieved.

One can continue to sell the t-shirts even when the target is surpassed. Once the target is reached the t-shirts are printed and distributed. The ‘campaigner’ gets all the profits from their campaign!

One of the most memorable campaigns that have been run on this platform was In memory of the Granite Campaign Hotshots Crew who lost their lives on June 30th, 2013. Arizona firefighters launched a campaign to raise funds for the Wildland Firefighters Foundation. The shirt quickly went viral among the firefighter communities and supporters across the country. They sold a whooping 28,000 pieces!

Another was titled, ‘Stay Strong Boston’. This was after the Boston Marathon attack in 2013, to raise money for the One Fund Boston. This sold 6,300 pieces!

So, go on…try it!

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